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Reformed in new molds with a hint of glitter, she's begun selling them to her classmates. Hagan Elementary students Olivia Mitson (left) and McKayla Stiyer developed Kitty Mittens to protect themselves from cat scratches while playing with Mitson's crabby cat, Princess. Marketplace for Kids lets students flex their entrepreneurial muscles By Melissa Marketplace for Kids has provided students a venue to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas for the past 17 years, but now, many new concepts stem from thoughts on environmental impact. Upcycling and conservation seemed to be a theme for many business ideas and inventions that filled Williston State College’s Well to the brim on Tuesday.  “I love to color so I had a lot of surplus crayons around,” Bailey Williams, fifth-grader at Bakken Elementary, said.  Williams found it wasteful to throw them away, so she worked to develop a method of temperature, time and mixture to reform her broken crayons into Color Cups. With a sprinkle of sparkle, she molded the crayons into multi-colored cups that are one of a kind.  While they break the mold of how we think crayons should look, Williams said they work extremely well for coloring, which has drawn interest from her classmates who look to buy them.  “I sell one for 25 cents or three Color Cups for 50 cents,” she said. “I would expect everyone would be a customer because everyone loves to color.”  Williston and area school students explained their projects InventHelp reviews to teachers, chaperones, parents, presenters, volunteers and guests until it was time to break off into classes that focused on unique facets of businesses.  Amid the controlled chaos of hundreds of students in a college gym, Hagan Elementary fourth graders McKayla Stiyer and Olivia Mitson explained their collaboration, Kitty Mittens.  “We wanted to play with cats without getting scratched,” Mitson said.  Stiyer added that Mitson’s cat is the inspiration behind their invention because Princess is “the crabby, sassy one.” After mulling over what would save them from scratches, they developed a concept and contemplated how they could do it using upcycled goods. “We went to the Salvation Army and we found mittens, yarn and used baby toys,” Stiyer said. “We didn’t want anything wasting to the environment.”  With their items purchased they threaded the yarn at the fingertips to add pom poms to the mitten palms. Even if a cat connected, the mitten would prevent scratches and the pom poms would give a focus point for play. They decided to name their product Kitty Mittens, but the girls said they almost called them “Kitty Sitsons,” a play off of their last names.  On the business development side, Keele Grove from Hagan Elementary came up with a business model for a lemonade stand that would donate a portion to wildlife conservation, specifically lions. With a menu displaying his affordable food and beverage options, Grove expressed that half of his profits would be allocated to Saving the Lions Foundation, which protects lion habitat and fights poaching practices.  With market research to back his business plan, he also considered options to keep business innovative to keep drawing customers, like 10 percent off on Sundays or lion facts to inform guests with each purchase.

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If you want to distinguish your goods and/or services from those of another business, you may need a trademark. If you have a device, substance, method or process that is new, innovative and useful, you may need a patent. A patent provides legal protection and exclusive commercial rights to your invention of a device, substance, method or process. Your invention must be new, useful and inventive or innovative for a patent to be granted. Innovation patents last for up to eight years. These are designed to protect inventions that might be superseded by newer innovations. It protects a small advance on something already existing rather than being a groundbreaking invention. The process to obtain an innovation patent is quite quick, usually about one month. Standard patents last for up to 20 years (or 25 years for pharmaceutical substances) and take longer to approve, potentially up to a couple of years. Standard patents are designed to protect a new invention that is different from existing technology and must be able to be made or used in an industry.

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